Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Environment in Cambodia ( Pollution)

-Pollution, contamination of the environment by man-made substances or energy that have adverse effects on living or non-living matter.

-Type of Pollution, This contamination of air, water,traffic, noise, oil Pollution interferes with human health, the quality of life, or the natural functioning of ecosystem.

-Air Pollution and Acid Rain, Rainwater was once the purest form of water available but now is often contaminated by pollutants in the air Acid rain is caused when industrial emissions mix with atmospheric moisture. pollutants maybe carried in clouds for long.

-Distances before falling, which means that forests and lakes far away from factories maybe damaged by acid rain.

-Water pollution, contamination of water by foreign matter such as micro-organisms, chemical, industrial or other wastes, or sewage. Such deteriorates the quality of the water and renders it unfit for in intended uses.

-Traffic Pollution, contamination due to high level of traffic, caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels, primarily oil in the form of petrol and diesel.

--Noise Pollution, adverse effects of noise in our living and working environment. Noise is, by definition unwanted sound. It maybe annoying, it may interfere with speech communication, leisure, or relaxation and , at very high levels which may occur at work or during certain noisy leisure activities,

- Noise in the community such as Road Traffic, Railways, Aircraft, Industry, construction, social noise and low-Frequently sources

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