Wednesday 1 December 2010

Life in 2050

In 2050 maybe all thing that have in the world will change and It will be very different from now. About the transport It's maybe need to deliver by a robot not a person like now. And It will very fast service. All of the people can call to buy some food from the shop and It's will be deliver to their house in a short time.

For work,People in 2050 maybe don't need go to work outside their house , But they need to do a little work in their house. For the money they can get from the the last day of the month and the money is deliver to their house,too.

The food for 2050 will very strange because the people don't need to look the menu of food we just think or imagine about the food that we need it will make by us in the 15 of minute. And don't need to pay a money because it will take us money from the money of the month.

Technology I think it's a good and modern because we can get something that we like from the outside of the computer to computer. We don't need to use the mouse we just only touch on the screen of the computer.For the dictionary we just call the word that we want to translate and the word will show us to see so we don't need to write the word in the computer like before. It's very easy and fast for us to use the computer.

About Animal , It's was very excited and interesting for us because we have the school for the animal for learn the language of the people. So in 2050 it's easy for the people and animal for speak and share idea together. One thing that different with the animal in 2050 and before : The animal can walk for two legs and it's wear a clothes like the people.And it's can do everything the same the people.

Traffic in 2050 is a very good traffic because it isn't have a car for drive and we just have only sit on the chair and the chair will go to somewhere that we want to go.For 2050 beside it's a good traffic and very interesting and make all people that live in the earth happy to live ,One thing that more important than it is a safely because if we don't have a car,motorbike we don't have a accident,too. So we don't need to have lots of people die.

For medicine even though it's country is modern or not modern it always can't having a medicine because when the people sick they need to eat it. So all the year in the world need to have a medicine,But in 2050 the medicine was very good and better better than before. For an incision it's very modern and safely for have a very success with an incision because in this year we don't need to use the people to make an incision ,We just use the robot to make the incision for the sick people.

The world population of the 2050 it's maybe have a lot of people to live but it isn't the problem for government because for each family we need to give for one family one house and all the family need to have the same side of the house, the same style, with the quantity of people they stay in the house. If it's a big family they will have a big house or it's a small family they will have
a small house.

About the building. In 2050 the building is very very good building and have a lot of the building in the world,too. And the building can be on the water,in the ground,in the water or on the ground.

It's all that have in my idea and my imagination and I wish that it can happen in the past in the 2050. I like it very much the big building, the modern building, the food that can imagine, the excited animal, a very good technology and a very good traffic.That all are my imagination.

It's the last blog for my group and It's the last time that I can do the blog in this term.I like to do a blog very much. I hope i can do the blog again in another term. And thanks teacher Phillip too for let me know better about writing, grammar and do the blog. I love blogging.

Thank everyone for read all of my group's post. Sorry with all my mistake with the grammar.Please write the comment if you find my mistake We're happy to correct it.


  1. Hi Raksa, Nyca and Tikta,

    How are you?? : )

    I like the sound of imagining food and it is ready in 15 minutes.

    What happens if you change your mind after 10 minutes???

  2. NICE...............................